We are a community of habanero pepper lovers.  Yeah, we’ve eaten jalapeños and cayenne, bell, banana and chipotle.  They’re all wonderful in their own right, but at the end of the day there is only one pepper that is the best.

Misspelled a dozen ways including habEnero, habanerA and habeneruh (seriously),  we think you’ll agree that the spelling doesn’t really matter once you’ve had your first bite.

So poke around, you’ll find lots of recipes for pepper sauces, hot sauces and amazing dishes.  Have you checked out the Scoville Scale?

And a quick note about these recipes; they are all great.  We’re careful to not post a recipe for the sake of posting a recipe.  We’ve created most of them from scratch, adapted a few from cookbooks and the best are the ones our readers send in.  You won’t find recipes for other peppers on these pages because that would just compromise the flavor now wouldn’t it?  You can always vary the amount of habanero in each dish, but promise us there will always be at least one.

Thanks for visiting our website.  We hope this website deepens your passion for one of God’s most wonderful creations, the fantastic habanero.

Saucy (Sam) Bugger
Your hab lovin’ friend