Grow Your Own

Habaneros love it hot.  This is good because just the thought of a habanero is HOT HOT HOT!  You can grow this perfect pepper indoors or out but regardless of location it must be, you guessed it, HOT.  Lots of sun is required and acidic soil is a must (pH 5 to 6-ask your local hardware store employee-they are usually pretty helpful with soil questions).

Water when the soil looks dry DON’T OVER WATER OR YOU’LL HAVE VERY BITTER PEPPERS!  These wonderful plants will produce gorgeous peppers for years and years.

If you are in the tropics plants can grow up to 8 feet, otherwise expect them to be 2 to 5 feet.

Pick 2 1/2 to 3 months after planting when the fruit is bright orange!

1)  Pick your spot (outdoors or in)?

2)  Buy your seeds

3) Plant 15 inches apart in drier climates and 20 in moister (remember they grow TALL!)

4) Pick when bright orange (around 3 months) –great resource

5)  ENJOY the greatest pepper there is.

Have you checked out the Scoville Scale?