Can Habaneros Make You Go Into Labor?

Do habaneros induce labor?  Will habaneros jump start your “get the baby out of me” 41 week pregnant body into the throws of labor?  You’ve heard about walking, love making, and of course bumpy car rides but the king (we believe – and we’re VERY biased) is the spice of the habanero pepper.  Even the season finale of Bones tonight had a refence to it.   Spicy peppers (and what is spicier than the hab?) are a natural way to get things going because, like castor oil, they irritate the bowels a bit and get the party started, if you know what I mean.  In a few minutes, your uterus could be working like a zombie on judgment day (LOL).   Of course, there’s no evidence that this actually works, but the fun is in trying, now isn’t it?